Legal Disclaimer (please don't sue me)

Don't be this guy

Investment Advice and why I don't give it

I do not give investment advice. Nothing I write or publish should be construed as such. I do not manage money for other people- and I have no intention of doing so. What I publish is research and education. There are several reasons for this:
  • Most importantly I am not authorised to do so by the FCA, the UK finance regulators, or indeed any other regulator. 
  • I am a big believer in the 'teach a man to fish' principle. Therefore rather than say 'you should buy shares in company X rather than Y' I would prefer to teach you the principles by which you would see that company X is a better buy than company Y.
  • Investment advisors, and indeed the entire investment management industry, has been tarred by a giant brush of overcharging for subpar performance and then varnished with a second coat of misselling. I don't want to be associated with such people...

No warranty is provided or implied for any systems, algorithims, methods or code on this website or elsewhere. Trading and investing is dangerous and you can lose all your money. Leveraged trading is even more dangerous and you can lose all your money and some more money. Derivatives trading is about as dangerous as it gets.  Most traders lose money. If you lose money it is your fault, not mine. I'd like to think that following my advice will reduce your chances of losing money, but there is absolutely no guarantee.

Disclosure of positions

I may own long or short positions in any securities that I write about, or which could lose or gain value as a result of stuff I talk about. I will try and disclose any positions at the time, but please bear in mind I trade actively so my current portfolio may not be reflective of disclosures when things are written. Basically you should assume that I have a financial interest in whatever I write about, and be accordingly sceptical about my motives.

Intellectual property and secret sauce

I cannot and will not disclose any proprietary information or knowledge developed whilst working for any of my former employers; even if it is my own research basically I signed a contract saying they own the lot. Anything you see here is eithier (a) publically available knowledge or (b) the product of my personal research done as a private indiviual. Please don't ask me to disclose any secrets because I won't - I can't afford the legal fees. For what it is worth much of the success in the investment business is not down to any over complicated 'secret sauce' magic algorithim but in the business like disciplined application of whatever algorithim you have got. And simpler algorithims are generally better for that purpose.

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