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My proudest moment: being quoted in Private Eye

From the about me page; what turns me on:

  - Systematic and quantitative trading and investing
-  giving more people the tools and understanding to do their own investing better
  - Making the investment industry function better and serve the interests of society as a whole
  - Trying to promote a more correct and complete use and understanding of quantitative economic research in coming to better decisions, eg in policy making.

On this page I've collected posts that fall into the 3rd and 4th categories of the above list. For posts on category 1 systematic trading see here. For posts on category 2, vanilla investment, see here.


Truth and Liebor


"LOBO's" (Lender option borrower option) are a type of loan that UK local authority and housing associations used to borrow money. These loans have embedded derivatives within them that the borrowers may not have understood. There are serious concerns about the way that these loans were arranged.

I started blogging about LOBO's in early 2014; in September they were mentioned in private eye, and in Summer 2015 I appeared in a Channel 4 Dispatches episode about the issue. This was followed by a UK parliament select committee hearing where I gave evidence.

My first post (good place to start)

Private Eye

Channel 4, and select committee hearing

After the programme I wrote a couple more posts rebutting the arguments put by both lenders and borrowers in the documentary.

A fairly technical rebuttal post

A simpler rebuttal post

The Financial Times and the Evening Standard covered LOBO's in March 2016 (I'm quoted)

The Independent also did a series of articles in March 2016: first part, second (I'm quoted) and final (TBC).

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