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 FT alphaville, particularly the daily markets live, is a great insight into what is going on; amusing and saves you from having to read a lot of pointless and boring dross. And its outside the pay wall; thats the pay wall of the worlds most expensive newspaper subscription. Most of which is probably spent on the weekly glossy "How to Spend it" supplement: think Argos catalogue with more zeros.

For your right wing views you could read the telegraph of course but its business stuff is also behind a pay wall and the only two reasons to buy that rag are the crossword on Saturday and Alex which you can get for free.
If you read the FT you have to read the Guardian to compensate or you will end up clubbing baby seals to death in the name of economic freedom. 

The Motley Fool  was what got me into finance way back in 1999 as the dot com boom accelerated. Sadly they recently closed their UK discussion boards (archives are still there); but you can find most of the original posters on lemonfool.

Another ex-AHL employee and independent trader who blogs in a much more prolific fashion than I do...
Another ex colleague of mine, now running an independent boutique economic advisory service.

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  1. The SSPF link doesn't seem to work anymore :(